Facebook Page Development

Facebook Page Management Services 


Words of Minchev is here to help you in elevating your social media presence to another level by implementing great and proven strategies.

We are here to engage and grow your Facebook audience via management, moderation, and useful advices.

Facebook is the biggest and fastest growing social media. In February 2016, it hit 1.59 billion users and made $5.841 billion in revenue. There are 1 billion users communicating in groups, 500 million users exploring different events, 123 million events created a year, 1.04 billion daily active users on average and with our service – each one can become your client.

To be a top company in your industry you need a professionally made and active Facebook page to gain maximum exposure. Most people check a company’s page before having anything to do with it. Read further and decide whether or not you want to increase your brand’s awareness and revenues with our services.



We will advise you daily on how to manage your Facebook page. Starting with the page setup, dealing with unofficial pages, creating the perfect “About us” page, to creating a working schedule for your business.


Our expert will carefully create a professional cover photo and optimize your “About us” page in a way that is favorable for Facebook’s algorithms. Our Facebook page management service is available in two languages: English and Bulgarian

What does our management include?

Creation and execution of a strategy tailored for your business. Content creation, scheduling and posting. Personal engagement with page’s members and forwarding questions and complaints as a representative of your company.

Moderation and management tools?

No, we prefer the personal approach with your clients which will provide them with a natural and favorable environment. We will answer every message and question under your posts and your page will be forever safe in our hands.

Our team from WordsofMinchev will never do anything harmful to your page and it will never be flagged or deleted by Facebook under our management.

Final Thoughts

If you like what you are reading then please check our pricing tables and choose a plan that suits your needs. Upon buying our services you will receive two detailed manuals for beginners created by us

Your Facebook Business Page will help you position yourself as a leading company in your industry and it won’t take a lot of efforts before you start making your first money through your page.